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"The Girls of Armament (TGOA)" collection is a premium handmade NFT avatar series produced through full coordination of the artist's senses, unique worldview where the characters are shaped from their unique personalities and specialties. The TGOAs are not randomly generated through an automatic production algorithm and each artwork is unique and hand drawn. A limited quantity will be distributed every season. TGOAs will be deployed through FOUNDATION ( auctions and each release will be announced on Discord and Twitter beforehand.


In XXXX, human civilization has been obliterated by the destruction of environment from a deadly virus in the atmosphere and the space where mankind can survive has become extremely limited. However, humans have still managed to thrive in small colonies that are widespread around the world.

In this dystopian worldview, girls who are virgins are conscripted to go to war after a human mechanical overhaul. The girls serve the colonies they belong to and are treated as a SENSHI (戦士;"soldier"). In each region's colonies, SENSHIs are fostered to expand the colonial territory to ensure the survival and existence of their own kind.


All the information about SENSHIs

오시는 길


You must bid and win through competition to auction off the girls. Then, you can use her as your own SENSHI.

SENSHIs obtained through auction can participates in the Battle Royale. (The owner may have multiple SENSHIs)

Top 3 girls with the highest winning bid will be printed on a high-end metal plate with frames for the owner.

Those who achieve the highest winning bid of TOP 1 will be presented with another artwork featuring the girl.

The another art received by the owner of TOP 1 is minted to the owner as an NFT for free.

What is the total supply?
There won’t be a fixed quantity.
There will be a set quantity of supply for every season.
Focus is on quality rather than quantity.

When will it be supplied?
All notices will be made on Discord and Twitter.
Join the discord for more announcements from the artist.

Where will it be supplied from?





- CDPR RED Cyberpunk 2077.
  Official promotional illustration.

- Riot Games League of Legend product design.

- Winning the Korean Independence Day
   Presidential Award.

- Square Enix Final Fantasy Mobius Character Art.

-CAPCOM Resident Evil series character concept design.

  NIGHT TEMPO album artwork.

- Many others collaborate on fashion, tattoos, and figures

TGOA- 1~ 63 SOLD
Become the owner of the girls through the auction from FOUNDATION. Win the Battle Royale among the girls. The winning TOP 3 will receive prizes and the TOP 1 will receive an additional trophy.

TGOA- 64~110 SOLD
Limited clothes and posters featuring SENSHIs will be released.

TGOA- 111~ 200 SOLD
TGOA-001 REINA.SHININA's 12-inch action figure will be released.

TGOA- 201~ 350 SOLD
Release the first episode of " The girls of armament "  webtoon.

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